Introducing AUD-1 Assistive Listening Software

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This is just a brief post to announce that my latest assistive listening software, AUD-1, has just been accepted for release on the App Store. Check out for information related to the app.

The app basically turns any iOS device into a hearing aid. It is built on the same core algorithm as the original BioAid app project described in other posts on this blog, but includes numerous enhancements suggested by the user community including, but not limited to:

  • Dual algorithm technology, allowing settings for each ear to be adjusted independently.
  • Advanced connectivity options, allowing use of high quality audio peripherals to improve sound quality.
  • Stereo linkage technology to preserve spatial cues when the app is used with stereo input hardware.
  • Fine grain control over the dynamic range of the processed sound.
  • High optimization for extremely low processing delay.
  • Automatic storage of preferred settings, even if the device runs out of power.
  • Adjustable input and output gain controls to fully utilize the dynamic range of the device.
  • Detection of accidental removal of headphones, preventing annoying feedback in public places.